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Fall 2016 Dates: October 25th through November 4th.
Spring 2017 Dates: April 25th through May 12th.


2016-2017 Registration is now CLOSED



Download this year's Ag-Venture Brochure  


What is Ag-Venture


Ag-Venture is a “hands-on” learning experience designed to teach 3rd grade students in Hillsborough County, FL about the importance of agriculture and to help them develop an understanding and appreciation of where their food comes from and the impact of Agriculture in their everyday lives. As the students arrive, they are divided into groups and given a bright colored “cowboy” hat. The hats and not only keep track of the different groups (each group has a different color hat) but the youngsters love them and they set the stage for an “AG” day!

The Student Tours will consist of visiting 5 stations representing different aspects of agriculture and participate in a variety of hands-on activities. Schools will be assigned to a tour that will have a balance of plant and animal science. Students will need to bring a packed lunch.

The cost for this awesome experience is only $4.00 per student/parent/chaperone! Teachers are FREE.  Pre-Registration is required and schools will receive a conformation packet if selected to attend Ag-Venture. We select schools on a first come, first serve basis once registration is opened. 

How we started


Ag-Venture started in 1994 from a partnership of local agriculture commodity groups, Hillsborough County Farm Bureau, Florida State Fair and Hillsborough County Extension Service.  We formed a 501(c) 3 corporation operating under the name Ag-Venture, Inc. Our first tour in 1994 started with 5 stations and 600 students. Today we have over 20 stations and educate over 6,000 students each year.