Will the students have contact with animals?  

Probably not, our sessions are only 20 minutes long with a speaker and an activity period. If animals are used, they are for demonstration and with the instructor. In the past, we have had at least one session with an animal - after all, the program is about agriculture! Our procedure is to have washing stations at any site with an animal. Because we are in a structured environment, all students go to the wash station before proceeding to the next station. This procedure also is in place for any food sessions we offer. 


May I select which track my class attends? 

We are unable to accommodate everyone's track requests so it is better to just assign tracks as the spaces allow. Many times the track sessions changes just days before the event. It would be a disservice to you if we promised something and could not deliver. Since the majority of our presenters VOLUNTEER their time, we cannot guarantee special sessions or tracks. We strive to provide quality sessions in ALL our tracks with interactive activities and take homes.


May the adult have a hat? 

Our most asked question! During the course of Ag-Venture we have over 600 adults participate and the cost would be prohibitive. We are unable to distribute hats to the adults.


May our school have all 5 groups in one track?

It depends on your registration numbers. Each track can accommodate 150 students. If your school registers 100 students, we can accommodate 50 more students from another school. We try to accommodate as many schools as possible on a first-come basis.


Are there any similar opportunities available if Ag-Venture is full? 

YES! The Florida State Fair has a School Field Trip program during the Fair that includes many Ag Venture activities. The Fair has 13 educational exhibit areas at the Fair including an Ag Venture tent where students can participate in hands-on activities. A Student Almanac is also available to enhance the learning aspects of each exhibit. There is a cost for this program. See the Florida State Fair web site at www.floridastatefair.com for more information.